La Pachanga is a song we wrote specifically to have an interactive moment of music-making with the audiences in all of our shows--we bring the instruments, they provide la pachanga!

Flora de Chazal is an amazing singer who I met in Argentina and who invited me to play a song with her while touring in Colombia. 

Daniel Waples is a famous 'hang' or 'handpan' player from England and just an amazingly warm and generous person.  Not only did we get to play a few shows with him in Bogota, we also got him into a studio for this collaboration:

Kolaboraciones /


Kora Karuna siempre ha tratado de combinar la magia de la kora con todos los posibles sonidos, ritmos y culturas del mundo. ¡Aquí están algunos de nuestros recuerdos favoritos de colaboraciones con increíbles amigos y artistas!

Kora Karuna has always been about combining the magic of the kora with all of the possible sounds, rhythms and cultures of the world.  Here are just a few of our favorite memories of collaborations with amazing friends and artists!     

Semilla Universo was a song and video made by La Maraka collective to raise consciousness about the importance of protecting native, non-GMO seeds and local, small-scale agriculture. 

Lila Di is a Colombian friend I met in Paraguay who invited me to share the stage with her on Colombia's national televised talent show, Colombia Tiene Talento!

In 2016 we closed the Festival International de la Cultura, in la Plaza Bolivar de Tunja, with a videomapping projection and a live concert!  

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